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Spiral shaped, double - submerged arc welding pipe production lines (Spiral Welding Pipe Mills) are the most important products of the company. After many years of exploration and constant improvement, our pipe welding techniques, equipment and technologies already take the leading position in the country. Our company has been the most reliable and royal partners and friends of pipe line manufacturing firms. Very recently, we signed a contract of double - submerged arc spiral welding pipe mill with domestically leading high iron grade up to X80 ŽÁ406mm - ŽÁ1422mm, with Yangzhou Tongya Pipe Co., Ltd.

The Spiral Welding Pipe Mills designed and manufactured by our company have formed a very diversified and serialized product range. From a forming processí»s perspective, the products can be divided into: External Control Forming and Internal Control Forming. From a mill production processí»s perspective, they can be divided into: Looping Pit Stored Welding Material, or Backward Swing Machine Unit and Forward Swing Short Machine Unit inWelding Tractor style with continuous production capability. Diameter range of final pipe line products could cover anything between ŽÁ219mm and ŽÁ2800mm. Our products meet API - 5L, GB9711.1, GB9711.2 Standards.

Our company also assists pipe line manufacturing firms in layout, planning and design of products and manufacturing processes, and we also supply complete sets of equipment for spiral welding pipes production.[TOP]



Following fast growth of Chinese economy, high- grade, large caliber and high frequency straight seam welded pipes are widely used in areas such as petroleum transportation, urban pipeline networks and constructions, pushing up demand for them, which creates new development opportunities for pipe line manufacturing firms and equipment manufacturers.

During the recent years, by learning and absorbing advanced ERW machine technologies from abroad, we designed and developed large caliber ERW production lines. Especially some single units, such as squeeze roller. So far, we have finished designing large caliber ERW production lines with specifications: 16" ERW, 20" ERW, 24" ERW. Among those the 20" ERW, 24" ERW production mill were already put into operation; for Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd, another complete set of 25" ERW production line with horizontal loop, High Speed Edge Milling Machine with sawmill, Cutting Machine and Finishing Area, was already in operation; a complete set of 25"ERW line to be exported to WBHO in South Africa is already under testing.

In addition, our company has mastered all techniques for ERW630x19.1mm with iron grade X80, and has developed JCOE1420x32mm with iron grade X80 welded pipe production line.[TOP]


Full hydraulic steel pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machine is one of our main products, for steel pipe pressure test and eliminating the internal stress on the pipe.

By usage, our hydrostatic testing machine can be grouped into: hydrostatic tester for spiral welding pipes, high frequency straight seam welding pipes and ordinary fluid delivery pipelines; high pressure and high efficiency hydrostatic tester for petroleum jacket pipes, drill column and oil pumping pipes; by structure, they can be grouped into: twin beams with lower feeding type, twin beams with upper feeding type, four beams with middle feeding type. Twin beams with lower feeding type is the most efficient model among all our hydrostatic testing machine products. Model 200T/D180 is able to perform pressure test for 3 pipes at the same time, with a test speed at 120 pcs/h. Whereas a remarkable feature of four beams with middle feeding type is a test capability for a higher pressure, suitable for large caliber pipes. Our model 2800T/D2540 Full Hydraulic Steel Pipe Hydrostatic Testing Machines, exported to India and Malaysia, have a testing capability of 2800 ton for pipes with diameters from 406 - ?2540mm.

Our hydrostatic testing machine products have been put to operation in many firms such as Qingxian Shengli Petroleum Steel Pipe Factory, Zhejiang Jiuli Stainless Steel Pipe Company and Jinzhou Group, and have received favourable reputation and recognition from the clients for advanced technologies and reliable performance.[TOP]


The Longitudinal Shearing machine set is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for steel pipe manufacturers. Our company has already supplied to the clients 3 types: 1500 x 10mm, 1750 x 14mm, 2200 x 16mm. The 2200 x 16mm type is able to perform 2 methods of production - longitudinal cutting & strip splitting, and flat plate cross cutting. The above products were already put into operation on the production line in Wuhan Steel Group.[TOP]


Our company supplies steel pipe manufacturing firms with Pipe Ends Flattening and Chamfering Machines, with a working range that covers diameters: ŽÁ60 - ŽÁ2540mm, which also meets API-5L, API-5CT, GB9711.1, GB9711.2 Standards. The models covering diameters ŽÁ60 - ŽÁ339.7mm are Step Feeding Type High Speed Flattening and Chamfering Machines, suitable for petroleum jacket pipe and ERW welding pipe manufacturers.

he Pipe Ends Flattening and Chamfering Machines designed and manufactured by our company are used in post production finishing of petroleum jacket pipes and high frequency welding pipes, etc. Our clients include: Baoji Petroleum Steel Pipe Factory, Shanhai Baoshiwei Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinzhou Group, etc. We also exported multiple sets of ŽÁ2540 type Flattening and Chamfering Machine to India and Malaysia in 2005. [TOP]


1750 x 16mm and 2000 x 25.4mm type Edge Milling Machines are new equipment recently designed and developed by our company. They were designed based on a successful improvement of the cutter head transmission, row shear and lubrication, etc on previously imported equipment. The products have been put into operation on the spiral welding pipe production line of Shashi Petroleum Steel Pipe Factory. Currently we are designing a high speed edge milling machine for 24" ERW unit.[TOP]