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  Straight Seam Welding Pipe Mills

With the fast growth of Chinese economy, the high- grade, large caliber and high frequency straight seam welded pipes are widely used in the areas such as petroleum transportation, urban pipeline networks and constructions. It brings new development opportunities for pipe line manufacturing firms and equipment manufacturers.

During the recent years, by learning and absorbing the advanced ERW machine technologies from abroad, Haokun has designed and developed large caliber ERW production lines. So far, we have designed the following large caliber ERW production lines: 16" ERW, 20" ERW, 24" ERW. Among those the 20" ERW, 24" ERW production mills were already put into operation; for Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd, another complete set of 25" ERW production line with horizontal loop, High Speed Edge Milling Machine with sawmill, Cutting Machine and Finishing Area, was already in operation; a complete set of 25"ERW line to be exported to WBHO in South Africa is already under testing.

In addition, Haokun is capable of producing ERW 630x19.1mm with iron grade X80, and has developed JCOE1420x32mm with iron grade X80 welded pipe production line.

ERW24" Mill
Horizontal Loop
Preforming Machine
Roll Forming Machine
Fine Forming Machine
Pressure Welding
Heat Treatment for Seam
Turk's Head/Sawmill
ERW Production Line
ERW 630 Straight Seam Welding Pipe Mills
ERW 630 Straight Seam Welding Pipe Mills