With Haokun R&D Center, Haokun can keep up the pace with the latest international development of the most advanced steel rolling technologies. Haokun R&D center conducts the further research into the strain theories such as stress and strain of high grade metal material in rolling process, force energy parameter in forming processes, cold bending techniques and hole shape design for forming rollers. Its research results are later transformed into the relevant techniques, and are directly applied to designing and manufacturing of steel pipe production line in complete sets. R&D center also helps improve the technical level of the steel pipe manufacturing in China; the research achievement can also provide theoretical and practical supports for the scientific research institutes and keep the competitive edge of HaoKun.

Further more, when standardized products are not able to satisfy special requirements from clients, we could also customize our design and give our clients the most optimized and most suitable products and solutions, based on their unique needs. We help clients solve their problems and provide them maximum satisfaction.

We currently take over a land of 16,973ŠO, preparing to construct the new 5000 ŠOR&D Central Building. It includes Information & Intelligence Department, Straight Welding Research Institute, Spiral Welding Research Institute, Electrohydraulic Research Institute, Cold Bending Steel Forming Research Institute, Computer Lab and Administrative Offices.


HaoKun boasts of some top ranking experts and designers in China's pipe welding industry and excellent management personnel. Top management and senior designers are mostly from scientific research institutes and corporations with a long reputation, such as Xian Heavy Machinery Research Institute of China Machinery Ministry and Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Factory. We also employ 136 mechanicians and 39 technicians of intermediate level and above. A strong HR and technical resource make possible for HaoKun to continuously take leading positions in the industry.

HaoKun spares no effort in enlisting R&D talents. Now a lot of scientists and senior technicians from various scientific research institutes and industrial & mining corporations are on board; Haokun employs the talents who have oversea experience, especially the academic theorists and mathematicians, and entrust them with crucial responsibilities. Haokun has already set up effective communication and cooperation with both domestic and international research institutions, especially with the scientific institutes of the higher education, from which we employ academic professors as visiting scientists and researchers, and share the fruit from their scientific research.